This is just a random appreciation post that I had a sudden inspiration to make. To the people who actually read my posts, many of you sometimes question me if I actually have any friends or is all I do dream about running away and contemplate on my life. The answer is yes! I actually do have friends believe it or not. Big surprise, I know. I may not have many due to my antisocial ways and hate for small talk, but this is my number 1 person right here.

RIGHT HERE GUYS, this girl is and has been my best friend, sister and brother since we were 5. I don’t remember exactly how it went down, but I remember her coming to my house, I gave her a bowl of rice and then the bond between us was created for life the end (jokes. Our story is much more complicated than that but I won’t go into the details).¬†Sometimes, we scare other and ourselves by how weird we really are. We dance around and laugh like crazy people and we both possess a crazy hyena laugh that only happens around each other. But I really have to say, I am glad I have a best friend that is just as weird as I am. Someone who is always there for me without fail, can make me laugh until I cry and listens to my problems without judging.

This might quite frankly be one of the corniest and most cringe worthy posts I have ever written, but I really don’t care. I just thought I would share a huge part of my life with you guys, and Anne I know we NEVER show affection to each other (hello awkward one arm hugs and pats on the back) but I love you and no one will ever be able to replace you. I don’t tell you that enough!¬†